A Great Boss I've Worked With

Much respect for 3 men that were my superiors over 35 of being an "employee"

I have had the pleasure of working for 3 great bosses in my work environments. Two were at American Airlines. Herman Dunn took the time to see the abilities of his employees as individual contributors and guided me toward a career. When working for a large company, it is difficult to stand out in a crowd. Herman identified my strengths and helped my confidence in myself. Because of this guidance, I was recognized by Mr. Art Torno for abilities to work with injured employees and help them while they were recovering and transition them in to a Restricted Duty position, therefore allowing them to remain at work which lead to faster recovery periods. Mr. Torno elevated me and because of his position at American Airlines, this was HUGE in not only my career at American as he exposed me to hierarchy of upper management but he also defended my position when it was questioned at Headquarters. Mr. Torno was quick to give credit where credit was due and was strong in communicating his expectations. The next boss is Mr. Steve Erspamer who hired me to become an HR Director for his high end relocation company and eventually promoted me to General Manager. He gave me complete control of a company he built from scratch and taught me everything he learned over a period of 25 years. He was compassionate toward employees and would not allow an employee to perform any task he was not willing to do himself. These 3 men gave me hope that there ARE strong leaders that invest a personal interest in the future of their employees. And for this I will be eternally grateful.

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